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2018/01/18 【Noda Head Office】About status of the weekend
2018/01/04 【Noda Head Office】New rent-a-car

>> R34 <<
2017/12/28 About the year-end and New Year holidays
2017/12/27 【Funabashi shop】Christmas & Happy New Year Promotion
2017/11/04 【Wakayama shop】About the year-end and New Year holidays
28th December is the Sales last day

You can have 50% off from basic rate for the period from departure 28th December to return 4th January if you use end of year campaign.
*Settlement will be done with reg fare (discount applies at the departure )
*Discount can only be applied from reservation via our website (you can’t use it by telephone, coming to the store, e-mail reservations)
*Discount will not be applied when cancellation fee added

Please return the car by 17:00 on 28th December if you use our service within this year.
Please take note we will change the time till 17:00 when you make a reservation from 17:30 to 19:00.

We will be open from 4th January in 2018.

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