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2018/06/14 【Urawa Shop】14th June 10:00am / Grand Open
6月14日(木) 10:00
2018/06/19 【Noda/Narita】6月 週末の予約状況のお知らせ

2018/06/01 【Bancho shop】Rent the Porsche Cayenne at Bancho shop and enjoy up to 20% off !!
Rent the Porsche Cayenne at Bancho shop and enjoy up to 20% off !!
Discount will be applied if you rent more than 3 days, including CDW.
3-4 days: 10% off (JPY 64,000/3 days)
5-6 days: 17% off (JPY 98,000/5 days)
7 days-: 20% off (JPY 131,000/7 days)
※Book direct to our website. The application of the discounts or Early morning / nighttime fee will be revised at the time of car use.
2018/06/01 【Funabashi shop】BMW335i JPY23,000 /3days【June Weekend】
BMW335i JPY23,000 /3days【June Weekend】

★Promotion Period 
June Weekend (3days/Fri・Sat・Sun)

Pick up : Friday after 10AM
Return: Sunday from 6PM to 7PM
Rate: JPY 23,000 (except CDW )

*Mileage Limit 300km/3days

Over 300km: you have to pay an excess mileage charge
*Cancellation Policy
At the time of booking~6days before
→10% of regular rate
6days before ~departure date
→Described on the HP

*Although it shows the regular rate
on our reservation system,
we change to the discount rate
before the departure.

*The discount can only be applied
from reservation via our website

*The discount will not be applied
 when cancellation fee added
2018/05/08 【Bancho shop】New shop opening in Central Tokyo, April 1!!
New shop opening in Central Tokyo, April 1!!
【Opening Campaign】We offer special discounts between April 1 and May 31.
Book direct to our website. Discount rate will be applied at credit card settlement.

       Regular Price     Special Price
        6H JPY 17,800  →  JPY 16,800
        9H JPY 22,800  →  JPY 19,800
      24H JPY 27,800  →  JPY 21,800
Thereafter 24H JPY 23,800  →  JPY 19,800

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