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2017/04/18 【Noda head office】Car rental start!!
2017/04/08 【Noda head office】Car rental start!!
2017/03/04 About a business day

On Monday, May 1st, a rental reservation is possible!
* It is usually a regular holiday on Monday.
2017/02/18 【Notice from noda head shop / narita airport shop】About a vehicle driver additional charge
Notice from noda head shop / narita airport shop

Extra charge system for drivers has been added against reservations made since 1th mar.
Please select number of drivers (including borrower) at the step of reservation. Extra charge will be added for newly registered drivers.
(No extra charge for one customer)

For example, please select 3 people if you use one car with 3 people.
Please confirm total price as extra charge for 2 drivers is adeed.
1,080yen~2,160yen for per person (subject to change with cars)

*Only applied for drivers. No charges for people on board.
*No extra charge for reservations made till 28th feb even departe is after 1th mar.

Appreciate your kind understanding
2017/02/14 News of the WEB site renewal
平素より【おもしろレンタカー】WEB サイトをご愛顧頂き、






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