About the fee

About fee system

An accepted credit card

You can use only credit cards with “3-D Secure 2.0”.

Payment can only be credit card in one lump sum.

It is smoothly completed from Web sign-in, reservation of the car to payment!
Therefore I can shorten procedure time at the store of the date of use.
when rent-a-car charge becomes expensive because of the long-term use, you can confirm it beforehand; charge payment at ease is possible.

I charge a planned rate at the time of a reservation based on contract time, and, please let me pay the difference in addition when there is the hyper deficit at the time of return.

* When there is paying for the overs and shorts, it becomes the adjustment from the credit card which had you input at the time of a reservation.
* Also sign up age limit is older than 23 years old and (more than three years after obtaining MT license)
* When you have the reservation of the car without a condition being met, and it is recognized that a condition is not met at the time of a visit, Please be aware the cancellation fee will be charged as agreement.

About the fee

Structure of the fee
Total rate is calculated as follows (tax included)
Basic rate + Collision damage waiver (CDW) + option
About an optional fee

Free of charge with respect to advance vehicle type car navigation system is installed.
Some type of cars don't install it, but you can use attaching externally type for 540 JPY (tax-included) per day.*The external navigation gives a Japanese version.

Our compensation system

We will guarantee insurance in the case of accidents as below.

Bodily Injury Unlimited per person Unlimited
Property damage Unlimited per accident Unlimited(Deductible:JPY 100,000)
(In the case of head office)
Car damage Up to the actual value per accident Car price(Deductible:JPY 100,000)
(In the case of head office)
Personal injury death Up to JPY 30,000,000 per person

* Excess damage will be your responsibility.
* Accidents which fit in disclaimer of insurance will not be provided.
* Please report for police and be sure to get certificate of the accidents.

Collision damage waiver (CDW)

CDW waives your responsibility for paying deductibles regarding any property damage and/or vehicle damage in the event of an accident.
If more than one accident occurs during the rental period, the CDW will apply only to the first accident.

CDW Fee (Tax included) JPY 1,080yen to JPY 8,000 (differ from cars)
Non operation charge (NOC)

We accept NOC regardless of the level of damage/mean time to repair if car damage occurred during the rental period.

ln the case you return to us (self-propulsion) JPY 150,000 (In the case of head office)
ln The case you couldn't return to us (no self-propulsion) JPY 300,000 (In the case of head office)

* You must pay for NOC even if you are in a collision damage waiver.
* We charge wrecker fee in actual expense if needed.

Cancellation of reservation

We will ask you for fee in case of cancellation.
If we haven't got contact an hour over estimated time, we will take it for cancellation

7 days before pick-up date free
3-6 days before pick-up date 30% of the basic rental fee
1-2 days before pick-up date 50% of the basic rental fee
The day 100% of the basic rental fee
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