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We have put together a FAQ about the rental car. It will answer questions about your use of the car rental, such as debit and use fee. If you have any not listed questions, please feel free to contact us.

Q:【Conditions of use】Please tell me the use condition of the rent-a-car.

A:Sign up age limit is older than 23 years old and more than three years after obtaining license(more than three years after obtaining MT license as to MT.

Q:【Conditions of use】I will be 23 years old soon, will you lend it?

A:No. 23 years old or more are Terms of Use.

Q:【Conditions of use】Can I rent a car with my home country driver's license and passport?

A:No. In order to drive a car in Japan, an international driver's license issued based on the Geneva Convention (September 19, 1949 Convention on Road Traffic) is required.(Some countries require a translation) Before entering Japan, you must obtain it in your own country, so please check the necessary documents yourself. [Click here]

Q:【Member】Is the sign-in required?

A:Yes. Member registration is required. It is described in the document, so please enter exactly.


Q:【Reservation】Must a vehicle driver make a reservation?

A:We accept the reservation by the name of the borrowers. A reservation applicant, borrower, a credit card holder must be the same person.

Q:【Reservation】What is a thing necessary to make a reservation from the website?

A:A sign-in is indispensable to the reservation of the rent-a-car. The input of an international driver's license, the passport credit card is necessary.

Q:【Reservation】How do I cancel my reservation?

A:Please contact the reservation store by e-mail to cancel your reservation. There may be a cancellation fee depending on the date of cancellation notification.

Q:【Reservation】How do I change the reservation date and time?

A:Please contact the store where you made the reservation by e-mail. Depending on the content may not be accepted. Changing the date and time may incur cancellation fees in some case.

Q:【Reservation】Does cancellation charge apply if I cancel my reservation?

A:If you cancel your reservation more than 7 days before your scheduled pick up date, there is no cancellation charge. If you cancel your reservation within 6 days before your scheduled date, cancelation charge will apply.[Click here]

Q:【Reservation】Can I rent a chauffeur-driven car?

A:By the fate of laws and ordinances, I cannot rent a car with vehicle driver or introduction, the mediation.

Q:【Reservation】Is the reservation of the rent-a-car necessary?

A:If the car which you want to get into is fixed, you should make a reservation. The reservation of the WEB site is necessary even if you decide the car when you come to the shop.

Q:【Reservation】How early can I book a reservation?

A:You can make a reservation for two months before.

Q:【Reservation】What should I do to change the reservation?

A:Please contact the store of automatic reply email mention that has been sent when you made a reservation. Or, please send a message from the inquiry page. We may not accept it depending on the contents of the change.

Q:【Reservation】I arrive late from the departure time when I made a reservation, does the rate become cheaper?

A:Because we stop other reservations from the time when I had a reservation, there cannot be the thing that a rate becomes cheaper. When it is past one hour with there not being communication, we might cancel your reservation so please be careful.

Q:【Reservation】No automatic reply for Membership registration & reservation.

A:Mails could be sorted into junk mailfolder due to filtering system,(in case you use free mail like hotmail or yahoo ) Please check your"junk mail folder"or"deleted mail folder" since it is set up to sort automatic reply mails into spam.


Q:【Payment】How should I pay the additional charge?

A:Please pay again from the card which you used to settle on website.

Q:【Payment】Can I pay by cash?

A:No. On our web site, please pay by credit card.

Q:【Payment】Where is an available credit card company?

A:VISA・MasterCard・JCB・AMERICAN EXPRESS・Diners Club International. The use of five kinds of credit card is possible. *Please never use a debit card and the prepaid card settled immediately.

Q:【Payment】Is there any mileage limitation?

A:There are no distance restrictions.

Q:Is an additional charge caused by the mileage?

A:【Payment】There is the rent-a-car with distance restrictions, too.

Q:【Payment】Does the rate change by a season?

A:No. A rate cannot be changed by a season.


Q:【Option】Is ETC card available to rent?

A:ETC card rentals are not available.

Q:【Option】Can I return a vehicle to a different location where I picked up a car?

A:No. Please return it in the place same as a departure shop.

Q:【Option】Can you rent GPS navigation system?

A:Yes. Please reserve a GPS navigation system when you reserve a car. Some rent-a-cars are equipped for free.

Q:【Option】Do you put the ETC apparatus on all cars?

A:The ETC apparatus putting on all cars is available for free.

Q:【Option】Are you the lending of the child seat?

A:Only available at Bancho shop. (Please fit up yourself.)


Q:【Departure~Return】Can you pick up the car at airport or hotel?

A:No. An airport and a hotel, the delivery to the another store do not make it. (Only available at Bancho shop. Please contact Bancho shop for details.)

Q:【Departure~Return】Can I return / rent a car outside business hours?

A:No. Please rent/return a car within business hours.

Q:【Departure~Return】What is a belonging at the time of the rent-a-car departure?

A:A Japanese translated sentence (for the one necessary), the international driver's license, driver's license of your own country, a passport is necessary. Please take the credit card which you used at the time of a reservation just to make sure.

Q:【Departure~Return】May I return a car early from a plan?  Will you refund it?

A:It is possible to return a car early from a plan. However we cannot refund it, so please make sure that.

Q:【Departure~Return】Can I extend the rental period?

A:Please contact the shop you return earlier if you decide to rent the car longer. Please note that you may not be able to extend the rental time.

Q:【Departure~Return】If I cannot fill up gasoline when I return it, what should I do?

A:Please just return the car. When you cannot return filling up a tank, we will charge extra if we need to do it. The payment will be made with your credit card which you used at making reservation.

Q:【Departure~Return】What should I do in case of an accident?

A:1. Move a car in the safe place. 2. Relief of the injured person 3. Report it to the police 4. Report it to the departure shop / insurance company
 ※Please report even a small accident to the police by all means.

Q:【Departure~Return】When a parking violation sticker is attached to a rented car

A:1.If an Illegal Parking Sticker is affixed to your car.
2.Please go to the police station with jurisdiction over the area and go through the prescribed.
3.Complete the payment of the fine immediately.
4.Please show a "traffic foul notice book" "payment book with the receipt datemark, receipt paper" at the time of return.[Click here]


Q:【Member】When I forget an e-mail address, a password, what should I do?

A:Please refer for the one that forgot an e-mail address from this inquiry page.
The one that forgot a password, please reissue the password from this[Click here]

Q:【Member】Can I change the member information?

A:Please perform it from "the sign-in contents change" of my page.

Q:【Member】How should I do the withdrawal procedure?

A:Please log in on a website and open my page, and perform it from "a withdrawal procedure".

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