About illegal_parking


Please be careful NOT to park illegally!
A new system to restrain illegal parking was introduced, and the control became strict.
Please follow traffic rules, and refrain from the illegal parking.

Point of the control reinforcement

Parking violations are considered as such, even if the time that you illegally parked was short.

In addition to the police, private contractors can also charge drivers with parking violations.

When a violator does not pay penalties, it is investigated responsibility the user on the registration document

When a parking violation sticker is attached to a rented car

If an Illegal Parking Sticker is affixed to your car.

Please go to the police station with jurisdiction over the area and go through the prescribed.

Complete the payment of the fine immediately.

Please show a "traffic foul notice book" "payment book with the receipt datemark, receipt paper" at the time of return.

*You must pay JPY 25,000 if you cannot follow this procedure.

Parking violation penalty JPY 25,000

When a visitor pays a penalty after rent-a-car return immediately and has the store staff show a "traffic foul notice book" "payment book with the receipt datemark, receipt paper", I refund an amount of money that I took.* When you cannot pay parking violation cancelation cost and when I do not get confirmation of the penalty payment, it is registered with the system of the general corporate judicial person whole country rent-a-car association, and, in the car rental agency joining the association, there is a case to decline the handing over to a visitor for rent.

* If you receive the control of the parking violation, Please go to the police station of the jurisdiction immediately, and finish a predetermined procedure, completing the payment of the penalty.We identify [payment book with the receipt mark, receipt paper] and [traffic sales promotion notice book] at the time of return.
※When you cannot show it, please pay 25,000 yen as parking violation cancelation cost.

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