Driver's License Requirements

Driver's licenses which permit driving of automobiles in Japan are as follows.

Japanese Driver's License *Please bring all originals

Driver's license of each domestic Public Safety Commission publication.
* Please bring your residence card
* If you haven't had a Japanese driver's license for three years, please bring your foreign-issued driver's license as well. (Over 3 years of driving career in total)

Foreign driver's licenses *Please bring all originals

Foreign driver's license of a target country and the local (five countries and Taiwan of the Swiss Confederation, the Federal Republic of Germany, the French Republic, the Kingdom of Belgium, the Principality of Monaco) publication

* The simultaneous presentation of a Japanese translated sentence and the passport is necessary.
(Please show the driver's license of the own country by all means in addition.)
* The Japanese translated need to be published based on application on person by embassy, consulate of each country in Japan or JAF
* Taiwan need translated sentence by JAF or East Asia-related association of Formosa.
* Germany need translated sentence by JAF or German Automobile Federation (ADAC).
* Terms of validity of driving in Japan is within the period of foreign driver's license and a year date from land to Japan( confirmation by a seal of landing date to Japan of passport)

International driving permit *Please bring all originals

In Geneva Convention (1949) contracting parties, it is an international driver's license of the publication (except Japan)

* Don't forget to bring your "passport showing the date of entry" (stamp required) + "international driver's license" + "home country driver's license".
* Please bring originals, not images or copies.
* [United States] Passport cards are not valid in Japan.
[Hong Kong] Please bring the above documents together with your Hong Kong ID card (original).
* If you are entering or exiting the country through the automated gates, please ask the staff to get an immigration stamp when you pass through the gate.
If you do not have a stamp, you will not be able to rent a car because the return date/re-arrival date has been confirmed.
* The driving in the international driver's license acquired at Paris Convention (1926), Washington Convention (1943), Vienna Convention (1968) member nation is not accepted in Japan.
* The only international driver's license valid in Japan is the paper type issued by a country that is a signatory to the 1949 Geneva Convention.
(Please be aware that there are many counterfeit cards with different card types and formats. These cannot be used in Japan.)
* expiration of international driver's license is within a year from publication(confirmation necessary ) and expiration of driver's license of Japan is within a year date from landing to Japan (confirmation by a seal of landing date to Japan of passport)
* But date of re-entry can't be the date of landing(expiration reckon in Japan) when one recorded by Japanese Basic Resident Register enters again within a period less than three month.
* The effectiveness to let you drive in Japan is effective (you must confirm an issue date) for one year from an issue date. It is confirmed by an entry stamp, and indicates an entry date to Japan (from a year in passport)

However, the person who leave Japan within under three months; re-input country Basic Resident Register afterwards operate qualification in Japan (it is not necessary considered to be the starting date).

If all of the contractor's documents are not in order, the rental car cannot be rented.

When there is documents deficiency, we cannot loan by any reason.

In that case, please be careful enough because there is the case that a cancellation rate according to agreement produces.

List of parties to the Geneva Conventions
Europe State United Kingdom Asia Philippines
Greece India
Norway Thailand
Denmark Bangladesh
Sweden Malaysia
Netherlands Singapore
France Sri Lanka
Italy Cambodia
Russian Federation Laos
Serbia Korea
Montenegro Brunei Darussalam
Kingdom of Spain Middle East Turkey
Finland Israel
Portugal Syria
Austria Cyprus
Belgium Jordan
Poland Lebanon
Ireland United Arab Emirates
Hungary Africa State South Africa
Romania Central African Republic
Iceland Egypt
Bulgaria Ghana
Malta Algeria
Albania Morocco
Luxembourg Botswana
Monaco Democratic Republic of the congo
San Marino Congo
Vatican Benin
Kyrgyzstan Cote d'Ivoire
Georgia Lesotho
Czech Republic Madagascar
Slovakia Malawi
Slovenia Mali
Republic of Lithuania Niger
Republic of Croatia Rwanda
Principality of Liechtenstein Senegal
Estonia Sierra Leone
America United State Togo
Canada Tunisia
Peru Uganda
Cuba Zimbabwe
Ecuador Namibia
Argentina Burkina Faso
Chile Nigeria
Paraguay administrative district Hong Kong
Barbados Macau
Dominican Republic French Overseas Territories
Guatemala Aruba
Haiti Curacao
Trinidad and Tobago Saint Martin
Venezuela Cayman Islands
Jamaica Isle of Man
Oceania New Zealand Guernsey
Fiji Jersey
Australia Gibraltar
Papua New Guinea Territories of the United States
Updated: September 17, 2021

【Instructions in the international driver's license】

Countries that are party to the Geneva Convention but have not yet issued a Geneva-style international driver's license
Algeria Ivory Coast Haiti Botswana Russian Federation
Albania Democratic Republic of the Congo France Monaco  
Kyrgyzstan Georgia Bulgaria Montenegro  
Guatemala Serbia Belgium Rwanda  

* (Note 1) Since Geneva-style international driver's licenses are not issued, it is not possible to drive in Japan with the international driver's license of that country (as of June 2020)
* (Note 2) Of the above table, France, Belgium and Monaco can be driven in Japan by attaching a Japanese translation to the driver's license of the country concerned.

SOFA License *Please bring all originals

SOFA Driving License for US Forces Japan and US military ID

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