Terms of Service

※Because a credit card in the name of contractor person is necessary, please warn the settlement! In addition, the application age limit becomes (as for the person of taking care of, like after qualification more than three years) 23 years old or older.

Chapter1 General Rules

Article1- Application of arrangement
We will lend and receive our rental car by this arrangement.
We may answer special contract within the bounds of common sense. In that case, special contract will be prior to arrangement.

Chapter 2 Reservation

Article2- Reservation
  1. Borrower can apply for the reservation under the indication of the type Of car, start date and place of rental, period, place of return, driver's name, necessary of automobile parts and other conditions (conditions of suspense account) after fully understanding of agreement and lists of charges.
  2. we accept reservations for cars only we possess. In this case, borrower have to pay subscription money.
Article3- Changes of reservation
Borrowers have to get our consent in the case of changes conditions of suspense account.
Article4- Cancellation of reservation
  1. Borrowers can cancel reservation.
  2. We regard it as cancellation if borrower has not reached our lease contract after an hour over from start time of car rental.
  3. In case of paragraph2, borrower must pay cancellation charge and we return subscription money.
  4. In case the reservation went invalid, or the contract has not been reached, we return subscription money.
  5. When contract has not be concluded by accidents, not returning, recall, natural calamity and other reasons that are neither our responsibility nor borrowers, we take it for cancellation.
Article5- Substitute rental car
  1. in case the car borrower reserved is not available, we will offer another different type of car (substitute rental car) instead.
  2. in the case borrower accept the preceding paragraph, we will offer substitute rental car on the same conditions of suspense account except for the type of car. However, when the substitute car price exceeds the one that borrower originally reserved, we will set the price the same as the lower one, and when the originally reserved car price exceeds the substitute car, the price will be the same as the substitute one.
  3. borrower has the right to turn down the idea of acceptance of substitute rental car and cancel the reservation.
  4. in regard to the aforementioned paragraph, when the impossibility of offering originally reserved car is our responsibility, we take it as cancellation of reservation refer to paragraph4 in the article4, then return subscription money.
  5. In a case of Clause 3, when the cause we cannot lease of Clause 1 for not accountable reason, we handles it as cancellation of the reservations of Article 4 Clause 5, and we shall return a received reservation application fee.
Article6- Exemption from responsibility
Borrower and we mutually claim nothing when the reservation has been canceled or the contract has not been reached except for the cases of article4 or article5.

Chapter3 Lease

Article7- Conclusion of lease contract
  1. borrower must indicate conditions of suspense account refer to paragraph1 in article2 We indicate lease condition and lists of charge to conclude However, in the case there is no car that can be available or the case borrower or driver fits paragraph1, 2in article8 will be exception.
  2. borrower must pay lease charges refer to paragraph1 in article10 when the lease contract has been reached.
  3. we, based on the notification of the competent authorities, in order to write driver's name, address, the type of driver's license number or attach the copy or driver's license, we ask for submission of driver's license and the copy under lease stub or lease certificate (refer to paragraph1 in artticle14) if borrower and driver differs, both borrower's and driver's license are needed.
  4. we may need other documents to identify borrower or driver for conclusion of lease contract.
  5. we ask for the phone numbers of borrower or driver in order to contact with during the period of lease.
  6. we ask for payment by credit card of other way of payment.
  7. as to conclusion of lease contract, we are able to continue our service from the date ahead of closing down period to the end. In that case, borrower or driver cannot lodge any protest against contents below under the approval not to claim any damages, you can use our service.
  8. as to conclusion of lease contract, we mount location information system and drive recorder on our.

vehicle our phones are not working and shops are closed during the down period.
We cannot deal with any trouble or accident happened in the down period.

Article8-Denial of conclusion of lease contract
  1. in case borrower or driver fits in any points below, lease contract cannot be reached.
    1. (1) No indication of driver's license.
    2. (2) Possibility of driver's drinking.
    3. (3) Developing symptoms of poisoning by stimulant, drug and thinner.
    4. (4) Letting ride children under 6 years old without child seat.
    5. (5) Members of organized group of gangsters or anyone who have something to do with anti-social organizations.
  2. in case borrower or driver fits in any points below, we deny conclusion of lease contract.
    1. (1) Driver is not the same person as when the contract.
    2. (2) There is the fact that the person defaulted lease charges in the past.
    3. (3) There is any action that fits in article16 in the past.
    4. (4) There is any action that fits in paragraph6 in article17 or paragraph1 in article 22 in the past lease.
    5. (5) When the other conditions not satisfied.
    6. (6) When we grasp some negative influence exerted on our criterion.
    7. (7) When it is thought that it adversely affects us and other visitors by the judgment of our standard.
  3. in the case of the preceding 2 clause, we grasp the reservation cancelled when it has already been completed with borrower, and we return reservation application fee when we receive reservation cancellation fee from borrower.
Article 9- Rental Agreement
  1. The Rental Agreement shall come into effect when the Renter pays the Rental Charge to Rushcorp and Rushcorp delivers the Rental Vehicle to the Renter/Driver. In this case, the reservation deposit received shall be allotted as part of the Rental Charge.
  2. The delivery as described under Article 9.1 shall take place at the commencement date and time as specified in Article 2.1 and at the renting place as specified in Article 2.1.
Article10-Lease charge
  1. We will clarify lists of charges below.
    1. (1) basic charge
    2. (2) special equipment charge
    3. (3) one way charge
    4. (4) fuel charge
    5. (5) allocation of cars fee
    6. (6) other
  2. basic charge is a price we notify for the department of transportation in the lease of rental car.
  3. in the case we changed lease charged after reservation, the lower price will be applied.
Article11- Changes of lease conditions
  1. borrower must get our consent when changing conditions about paragraph1 in article7.
  2. in case there is any possibility of occurring trouble about lease business due to the changes of conditions, we may not accept the changes.
Article12- Inspection and maintenance or confirmation
  1. we check cars that have been taken maintenance will be used under the road transport vehicle act of 48.
  2. we will do the necessary check and maintenance under the road transport vehicle act of 47,2
  3. borrower and driver must confirm that the rental car has taken all inspection and maintenances.
  4. in case any defectiveness can be founded, we will immediately address to the problems.
Article13-Delivery of lease certificate
  1. we deliver the lease certificate written about what the department of transportation determines.
  2. borrower or driver must have the certificate during the period of lease.
  3. in case of losing the certificate, you must immediately notify us.
  4. when returning rental car, the certificate must be returned too.

Chapter 4 Usage

Article14-Manage responsibility
Borrower or driver must use the rental car under the responsibilities.
Article15- Daily inspection and maintenance
Borrower or driver must do needed check and maintenances under the road transport vehicle act of 47,2 in daily use.
Article16- Prohibited things
Borrower or driver must not act things below.
  1. Using rental car for transportation business purpose without our acceptance.
  2. Using rental car for improper purposes and let the other person drive who doesn't have the certificate.
  3. Acting of leasing rental car to others or any infringement of our company's right.
  4. Any modification of rental car.
  5. Using rental car for races or as tractor.

    (Run the closed such as circuit ,pull a parking brake when the car moves, drive mountain paths more than court speed putting up a squeal sound, drive remarkably over the ban of the act.)

  6. Using rental car against the low or regulations.
  7. Entering nonlife insurance without our acceptance.
  8. Taking rental car out of Japan.
  9. Other actions against lease conditions refer to paragraph 1 in article7.
  10. Operating setup change or removing equipment (drive recorder) loaded with our vehicle without our instruction.
Article17-Measure for illegal parking
  1. In case borrower or driver parks illegally, all responsibilities and fines must be paid by themselves.
  2. If we hear from police about illegal parking of rental car, we immediately contact with the borrower or driver and make the car move, then indicate to go to police in order to deal with the problem within the period of lease or period we assign. When rental car has been moved by police, we may receive the car.
  3. We will confirm the problem disposal by checking receipts or other certifications then ask for signing in the documents (self-confessed document).
  4. If needed, we will offer personal information or a letter of explanation, self-confessed document, lease certification and so forth.
  5. If we pay for leaving penalty, we will claim costs (costs related to illegal parking) to borrower or driver. In this case borrower or driver must pay during period we assign.
    1. (1) Illegally parked violation gold equivalency sum
    2. (2) The parking violation cancelation cost that we establish particularly
    3. (3) An expense required for a search, movement of the vehicle, safekeeping, and taking care of
  6. In case borrower or driver has not paid for all claimed money by the date we assign, we will register name of borrower or driver, birthday, driver's license number for ARA.
  7. In case borrower or driver doesn't answer our requests, we would accept penalty for illegal parking refer to paragraph5.
  8. In case borrower or driver paid all costs as to paragraph5, we will not legislate information for ARA regardless of paragraph6.
  9. In case borrower or driver paid us penalties and we receive refund by cancellation of payment order, we will return only equivalent penalty.
  10. As to parapraph6, if all claimed money have been returned and payment order has been cancelled, we will delete all information legislated to ARA.

Chapter5 Return

Article18- Return responsibility
  1. borrower or driver must return rental car by the end of lease period at assigned place.
  2. in case borrower or driver violates paragraph1, we will demand all compensations.
  3. in case borrower or driver could not return because of unavoidable reasons such as natural calamities, we will not ask any damages. However borrower or driver must contact with us.
Article 19- Confirmation of return
  1. borrower or driver must return rental car or automobile parts in the both presence.
  2. borrower or driver should check in the car if there are any lost articles. We will not have responsibility for storage of these things.
Article20- Lease charge of charge of period changes
In case there are lease period changes, changed price must be paid as to paragraph1 in article11.
Article21- Return places
  1. if borrower or driver changed return place, costs for forwarding would be bared by themselves.
  2. if borrower or driver has not returned rental car at assigned place of return, penalty must be paid. Penalty for changes of return place=costs for forwarding x300%.
Article22-Measure in the case of non-return
  1. if borrower or driver has not returned car by the end of lease period, we will take measures such as submitting damage report to ARA or legislating information.
  2. in the situation of paragraphs above, we will take necessary measures in order to locate the place of rental car such as inquiring from family, relatives or people related to them. 3.In the situation of paragraph1, borrower or driver must compensate for damages by the article28 and must pay for costs taken to collect car or search of the driver.

Chapter6 Measures for brake down, accident, and theft

Article23- Measures for finding break downs
Borrower or driver must immediately stop using rental car and contact with us when any unusual things happened.
Article24- Measures for accidents
  1. borrower or driver must immediately contact with us when any unusual things happened to car and must take steps below.
    1. (1) Contact with us immediately and obey our instruction.
    2. (2) When rental car needs fix, it should be conducted at authorized plant.
    3. (3) As to accident, borrower or driver must cooperate with insurance company.
    4. (4) Lease contract will be expired in the case of car accident and borrower or driver must return rental car immediately. We will not revise subscription charges.
  2. borrower or driver must deal with the accident under their responsibilities.
  3. we will advise about accident handling.
  4. lease contract will be expired in the case of car accident and borrower or driver must return rental car immediately. We will not revise subscription charges.
Article25- Measures for theft
If the theft happens during the use of rental car, borrower or driver must take steps below.
  1. Report immediately to police.
  2. Report immediately to us.
  3. Cooperate with insurance company.
Article26- Expiration of lease contract about unavailable car
  1. Lease contract will be expired when rental car is not available by breakdown, accident or theft.
  2. in the situation of paragraph1, all costs for fixing must be paid by them and we will not return lease charges except for reasons of paragraph3 and5.
  3. if the causes have happened before lease, borrower or driver can use our substitute car. We will apply paragraph2 in article5 about lease conditions of substitute car.
  4. if borrower does not accept substitute car, we will return all lease charges instead, this would be the same as when we are not able to offer substitute car.
  5. if causes of breakdown are not related to borrower or driver's responsibility, we will return deducted money of lease charges.
  6. borrower or driver doesn't have the right to claim for damages to our company in any cases.

Chapter7 Compensation

Article27- Compensation
  1. borrower must compensate when they cause any damages to us or a third person.
  2. if we cannot use rental car by breakdown of accidents, theft, pollution caused by users, borrower or driver must pay charges for damages.
Article28 Insurance and compensation
  1. if borrower or driver takes compensation responsibility, insurance money or compensation will be given by the system.
    1. (1) Interpersonal compensation per person –unlimited.
    2. (2) Objective compensation per accident-unlimited (exception price JPY 100,000).
    3. (3) Vehicle compensation per accident the -amount of current price (JPY 100,000).
    4. (4) Compensation for passenger per person - JPY 30million.
  2. in case it fits in escape reasons of insurance agreement or compensation system, compensation would not be given.
  3. damages that will not be given any compensation, paid insurance money that exceeds compensation will be responsible for borrower or driver.
  4. in case we pay damages instead of borrower or driver, they must immediately liquidate to us.
  5. money of damage insurance contract, subscription rate of compensation system will be included in lease charge.
    1. (1) About collision damage waiver.

      * Compensation scheme for vehicular accident. *Not insurance
      The system covers customer's escape money for vehicular and objective accidents.
      Please apply the time of lease. (We cannot cancel after procedure of lease)
      * Please let me know all driver's name at the time of lease.

      Subscription rate of CDW JPY 1,100 to JPY 8,000/ a day includes taxes.

      * Please check lists of charge for further information.

    2. (2) Exception for compensation system.

      Please use rental car under fully understanding of lease agreement.
      The damage caused by driver would be customer's responsibility.
      In this case we will not accept applying insurance system and will end it.
      Please repudiate money if we bear customer's damages instead.
      ::the case procedure has not been made
        The procedure such as contacting police or our company has not been made regardless of scale of damage, existence of opponent, injury.
      ::the case of violation of our lease contract.
        low, drinking, use of drug, extension of lease without notice, operation by other drivers, lending car to others, driving without a license, settlement without our recognition and forth.
      ::the case it fits in insurance agreement or compensation system.
        Things such as damages by intention, drinking, use of drug, incidental expense, damage of tire, wheel cap loss and so forth. Damage to customer's belongings. Production cost of key.
      ::the case customer is to blame for use.
        The case rental car was stolen by customer's little attention, damages caused by illegal parking, pollution and equipment parts loss and so forth.

    3. (3) About non operation charge (NOC)

        The case fixing and cleanings are needed. We will accept charges regardless of the level of damage or necessary time.
        * this applies even if customer already legislated compensation system.
        * taxes are not included tax for NOC.

      The case rental car was returned at assigned place JPY 250,000 (in the case of Noda Head Office).
      Other JPY 500,000 (in the case of Noda Head Office)

Chapter8 Removal of lease contract

Article29- Removal of lease contract
We will remove the contract and claim for return of rental car without notice when borrower or driver violates our arrangement. We will not return lease charge.
Article30- The agreement cancellation of contract
  1. We will remove the contract and claim for return of rental car without notice when borrower or driver violates our arrangement. We will not return lease charge.
  2. borrower must pay for cancellation expense= {(basic money for lease contract) − (basic money for period from start date of lease to return)} x 100%

Chapter9 Personal information

Article31- Purpose of personal information
  1. this is our purpose for customer's personal information.
    1. (1) In order to conduct things as business operator.
    2. (2) For guidance of information about rental car, introduction of our products, events, information of new campaign.
    3. (3) In order to identify customer.
    4. (4) For enforcement of questionnaire for the purpose of better service.
    5. (5) For making statistical data.
  2. we will clarify our purpose when we get customer's information for other purposes.
Article32- Registration of personal information and agreement for usage.
Borrower or driver's information such as name, birthday, and driver's license number will be redistricted within 7 years to ARA. Borrower or driver must agree with usage for screening at the time of concluding lease contract in the cases below.
  1. The case we were to pay for leaving penalty based on the road traffic low.
  2. The case of nonpayment for illegal parking refer to paragraph5 in article 17.
  3. The case of non-return refer to paragraph1 in article22.

Chapter10 Offset

Article33- set off
We can offset with borrower at any time if both have monetary liabilities.
Article34- Consumption tax
Borrower or driver must pay for consumption tax.
Article35- Delayed damages
In case of negligence for performing monetary liabilities, borrower or driver, our company must pay delayed damages to opponent by the annual rate 14.6%.
Article36- Detailed rules
We can set detailed rules and these have the same effect as well as this arrangement. In this case, we will clarify our new rules and mention on the brochure or lists of charges.
Article37- Agreement jurisdictional court
If any trouble happens about the right or responsibilities based on this arrangement, we will set jurisdictional court at our head office or place of business.

Chapter11 Supplementary provision

This arrangement starts operation from January 2012.