*By web reservation only
Please carefully confirm all notices before reservation (deposit system, additional charges, no debit card use etc.).

The beauty of a sports car that everyone can imagine.
You can enjoy a comfortable and high-quality open car drive that is less entrained by the wind and gently wrapped in the air.

The roof closes in approx. 10 seconds and turns into a beautiful coupe.
Equipped with a seat heater, it enables open driving with high comfort even in winter.

An improved model equipped with a 2L and 4-cylinder direct injection gasoline engine "SKYACTIV-G 2.0" that has evolved into a high-speed, high-power type.
The maximum power output has been increased from the conventional 158 horsepower to 184 horsepower, and you can experience a powerful and plenty of running.

Two carry-sized carry bags (55cm x 40cm x 25cm) can be loaded in the trunk.

Please enjoy the higher quality and more comfortable Roadster RF (MX-5 Miata RF).

Please make a reservation from 8:00 to 9:00 by 21:00 the day before use.
There are some cases you can pick-up/return the car between 10:00 and 12:00. Please confirm via e-mail.
There is a time zone that you can borrow even on the reservation calendar △.
If you avoid the time zone of shop closing for pick-up and return, you can use the car in the time zone.

《Notice》 As the car is not equipped with winter tires (snow tires), driving in areas with icy or snowy roads is not available.

【Deposit: JPY 150,000 (with CDW) or JPY 200,000 (without CDW) /rental will be added to the rental fee after making a reservation. If there will be no accident or damage, the deposit will be refunded when the vehicle is returned. Please be sure to make a reservation with a credit card. Please do not use a debit card. No refunds are possible. 】

【Any additional driver (including a spouse or domestic partner) will pay a daily fee: JPY 3,500 per day】

【Night/Early-Morning Rental Charges: An additional charge will be applied
when car pick-up and/or return reservations or actual utilization are made between 8:00 and 9:00 /
19:00 and 21:00: JPY 1,800 (weekday, pick-up or return) or JPY 2,400 (weekend and public holiday, pick-up or return), maximum JPY 4,800 (pick-up and return on weekends).
The price will be charged at credit card settlement.
Example: Reservation time 9:00-19:00 --> Both Early-Morning rental charge and Night time charge will be added later.】


Name ROADSTER RF (MX-5 Miata RF)
Model/Grade RF / S
Displacement 1997 cc
Max output 184
Max torque 20.9
Color Eternal Blue Mica
Interior color Black
Transmission 6-speed AT
Handle Right
Related categories
Equipment -Car navigation
-Air bag
-ETC device
-Rear vision camera
-Heated seats


6 H JPY 14,400
9 H JPY 16,400
24 H JPY 19,400
Thereafter 24H JPY 17,900
CDW JPY 2,900

Notes on this car

*Give us an email if you hope for a rental on that very day.

*There is a mileage limit.
Included mile:
200km / 6 hours rate
250km / 9 hours rate
300km / 24 hours rate
+300km / each day thereafter
Cost per extra km is JPY60/km.

*Also sign up / driver age limit is older than 23 years old and more than three years after obtaining the driving license.

*The settlement would like the credit card in the name of contractor person on WEB.
(Please do not use debit card due to immediate settlement.)

*Please make a reservation after acknowledging the items listed on the website and Early-Morning rental charge and Night time charge.

*No smoking in all rental cars.

The reservation is simple!
1.Please select departure date(○ or △)
2.Please select time for departure and arrival
3.Please select options, disclaimer compensation and number of drivers
4.Please confirm price
*Depending on the reservation date, it can be a target of the cancellation rate outbreak so please be careful. Early-Morning / night time fee will is 100% charged from 6 days before use.

*We accept NOC regardless of the level of damage/mean time to repair if car damage occurred during the rental period.
non-operation charge:
JPY150,000 (for capable of self-propellant)
JPY300,000 (for incapable of self-propellant plus wrecker fee)
【Car rental place】
(K's Gobancho Building / Parking area) 7-1 Gobancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Notes on reservation

Also sign up age limit is older than 23 years old and (more than three years after obtaining MT license)

The settlement would like the credit card in the name of contractor person on WEB.

At the time of reservation, it becomes the empty guidance automatically letting you choose the time and date I have you choose the time the date.

Please understand beforehand on this occasion because only the car which I can reserve is displayed.

Depending on the date, it can be a target of the cancellation rate outbreak so please be careful.

reservation time











STEP2. Please select time for departure and arrival

Departure / / :
Return / / :

STEP3. Please select options, disclaimer compensation and number of drivers


STEP4. Please confirm price

Basic priceJPY 0
Option priceJPY 0
CDW priceJPY 0
Additional driver feeJPY 0
TotalJPY 0
*The application of Campaign or Early morning / Late night fee will be revised at the time of car use.
*Please never use a debit card and the prepaid card settled immediately. (We carry out the settlement after the rent-a-car return.)
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