ETC card rental service

Notes regarding ETC card rental service

1) During the ETC card rental period, please follow the precautions when using the ETC system and use and manage your ETC card. Customers are also responsible for paying for tolls used by third parties during the ETC card rental period.

2) Tolls must be paid in full based on the toll recorded on the IC chip of the ETC card (the toll displayed on the toll display at the toll gate). Special provisions (transfer fee adjustments during road closures, discount services from some road companies, etc.) are not applicable when using this card.

3) If there is a shortage or unpaid toll amount after returning the rental car, you will be required to pay the additional toll amount.
<An example of a case where shortage/payment occurs>
  • If you discover that you have forgotten to declare a toll.
  • If usage history and tolls cannot be confirmed due to a problem with the ETC card or reader.
  • If the toll is revised or changed due to the circumstances of the road company.
  • If you return the vehicle to a business office that cannot read the toll for some reason.

4) If your ETC card is lost or stolen, please contact the departure office. (Unless there is intentional or gross negligence on the part of the customer, the customer will not be responsible for tolls used after the day after the departure office is notified of the loss or theft.)

5) If your ETC card is lost, stolen, or damaged or deformed due to faulty usage or management, you will be required to pay 3,000 yen as card compensation.

6) If your ETC card is lost, stolen, damaged, or deformed and the usage history and toll cannot be confirmed at the return office, you will be required to pay a deposit of 30,000 yen. If OMOSHIRO RENT-A-CAR receives an invoice from the road company at a later date, if there is an excess or deficiency in the deposit, a separate refund or invoice will be issued.

7) If we receive an inquiry from a road company regarding a driver using an ETC card (including after the rental has ended), we may contact you.

8) If the ETC card is not returned even after the scheduled rental period has ended, we will notify the road company that the ETC card you are renting is invalid.

9) OMOSHIRO RENT-A-CAR is not responsible for resolving any disputes or compensating for damages arising from the use of the ETC system. Please contact the road company directly.

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